At OODE we exhibit a series of Indian ink paintings by artist Tessa de Rijk.  Which shapes are withdrawn from nature and an absolute curiosity to the old Japanese zen gardens. They are all painted without any hesitation, just as thorough as nature itself.

They are seemingly easy, yet this is the result of a complex research, mastering the perfect line and shape that captures nature’s solitude. Their designs are counter shapes with rhythmic layers and dynamic patterns.

Tessa de Rijk designed her own brush with different sizes length and thickness bristles to create these specific strokes. She creates her own organic paint. All together they represent nowadays society and are the perfect addition for every home because of their humble and timeless design.




FRANS HIDDEMA (1922-1997)

In his working life Hiddema worked as a psychiatrist. Beside his work, Hiddema was active as a painter, sculptor and poet. In the period that he lived in the North (Haren) in the sixties and seventies, he trained himself in sculpting. He received lessons from De Ploeg member Gerrit Piek.
Hiddema was especially inspired by the English sculptor Henri Moore and Barbara Hepworth. Materials he used for his sculptures were clay, wood, bronze and plaster.
He has been a member and chairman of the Groningen artists’ movement De Ploeg and a member of the artists’ group “Nu”.
In his period in Oegstgeest, he has made large abstract paintings with geometric shapes. The colors were greatly reduced to black, white, blue and red. His work from this period became very minimalistic and in addition to his paintings, he made a number of stainless steel geometrical sculptures.


New table design series by Guido Zwerts: 2X2 2X3 3X2

With a name derived from its different available table leg options, this beautiful original design highlights the specific traits of its materials: steel, glass, and rubber. Its subtle, slender and neutral look is suitable for a range of indoor and outdoor uses.

Its stainless steel frame extends into elegant, rounded legs, combined with a tempered colored glass tabletop. Available in a range of models and color schemes.




Now at OODE a selection of works by Tim Mastik (1986).
The work of self-taught artist Tim Mastik echoes his obsession with shape, repetition and material. By deconstructing his designs, playing with rhythm, symmetry and asymmetry, he creates an unexpected dynamic between color and shape. Geometry and minimalism often form the foundation of his designs. His work is characterised by seemingly simplistic shapes and great attention to detail. The creative process is essential; experiments on materiality play a key role in establishing a personal texture and dept.


A selection of paintings of Laura de Wilde are now on exhibition at OODE. Her paintings are usually made with acrylics, ink, metal powders and pencil. The heavy linen is stretched on a wooden and aluminium framework. Her work is minimal, with often strong contrasts and layers. The use of the metal powders next to black create an interesting balance between roughness, refinement, texture and reflection.



Religion is deeply rooted in our culture. We find the buildings, customs and symbols everywhere. But how do designers view religion? The exhibition ‘Design is my RELIGION is my design’ explores how they shape the relationship between religion and utility. The exhibtion is free for everyone to visit at the ECI Roermond.  What is there to see? The diversity of objects is great. Religions, from Catholic, Jewish, Islamic to reformed, have traditionally been an inspiration for designers. This is reflected in the many objects of use, such as prayer chairs, baptismal fonts and candlesticks. Pieces from the past, but also from contemporary designers.

This exhibtion is curated by Niek Schoenmakers.

Mon till sat  09.00 u – 20.30 u /sun from 10.00 u – 17.00 u


Thijmen van der Steen designed this beautiful FLOATING LIGHT. These delicate lights create an intimate atmosphere. The misty screen of thin fabric stretched around a ash wooden ring captures the light and spreads it out in a soft tone. The light is designed and made by hand with great care, and affection for refined details.

The lamp is available in NUDE and BLACK.