Mus Hersmus is a female contemporary artists.
For as long as she can remember she has been fascinated by “the old days”. Old stuff, clothes and images are a big attraction for her. In her work she tries to evoke the same feeling by playing with color, cutouts and blurring.






Caroline van Ginkel is a Dutch textile artist with a background in fashion as a patternmaker and seamstress. Her style is characterized by a minimal shape with the least possible additions and a keen attention to detail. She loves to play with textures and shapes. Subtle interventions like removing or adding space. Every piece is unique.




Naomi Remijn moves with her craft work between art and design. With Zeeland roots and a predilection for textiles, work is made based on Zeeland traditional costumes. She admires the old textile technique and handicraft, because it takes a lot of time and effort.




Jens van Deursen is a Dutch furniture designer. This seating furniture is made of polyester foam and realized by minimizing the waste produced by excess material of which it is composed.

A comfortable and fun piece of design that can be coated in any color upon request, from the bright yellow of a summer sun to the blue of the vast sea.


Moos is obtained from a block of polyester foam using 2D cutting techniques with minimal material loss. Self-supporting due to the high density of the foam. This makes Moos a graphic and comfortable piece of furniture for any environment.



SERVIE JANSSEN (1949-2018)




Servie Janssen was a Dutch sculpturer, painter and also active in the field of performance art.

OODE works together with the foundation of Servie Janssen to find new owners for these beautiful abstract paintings, often based on windows and doors. These paintings are produced between 1970 – 1990.




We have a very interesting orphaned collection of silkscreen on glass by Titia Ex. Glass panels, with layers from black, blue to bright yellow. Pictures with windows, that show or block what is behind. Reflection, paint and movement that are part of the composition, sometimes showing more sometimes just a little bit of transparancy.
Titia Ex is a visual artist based in Amsterdam. Ex studied film and photography at the Rijksakademie (1988) in Amsterdam and was artist in residence (1989) at the video department of the Musashino Art University in Tokyo.
Light art
She started to work with light as a choreographer light, form, time and atmosphere in theaters. She worked together with dancers, actors and musicians. At the post academic art institute the Rijksakademie, she created her first installations in which light became of great value as an autonomous visual element.