COEN KAAYK // 1947 – 2014


The architecture of light and color.

Brightly colored gems, capturing the colors of sunshine. Their shapes reduced to rudimental forms of kubes, pyramids or multi-faceted diamonds. Colors stacked, placed next to each-other like a pointillist painting. The work of Coen Kaayk (1947-2014) is an ode to color. Playful, colorful and bursting with joy.

Kaayk dedicated his career to investigate the optical relationship between shape, color and light. In a span of 40 years Kaayk created an impressive oeuvre of hundreds of autonomous sculptures, ranging from tiny table objects to room filling landscapes. Every piece, no matter the scale, is treated with the same intense urge to investigate the optical relations between shape, color and light. His work can be seen as a constant search to master the translucent material and and continuous quest to refine the relationship between material, shape, color and light.

Kaayks Magnus opus is De bouwplaats (2014) an impressive room filling installations of acrylic objects. He created an urban landscape, reminiscent  of modernist architecture. He used industrially produced acrylic resin to create an imaginative city of light and color. The city of Tiel has bought the work and installed it in one of its cultural centres.

Gallery OODE honoured to present a curated selection of 10 small objects by this interesting artist. Every piece is unique in shape, color and composition. They make are a great addition to any interior and art collection.









Inspired by the minimalistic principles including reuse, organisation and reduction, the work of Britte Koolen embraces our universal desire to create order out of chaos.

Precision is key. Precision can sometimes be arrived intuitively: imperfections that show up while working can be deleted. But likewise exaggerated to become formal elements in their own right.

The objects are best discovered not by analytical contemplation, but by walking around them, seeing them from all angles and experiencing them as they are and as you are in space.




Monthly we ask contemporary artists to curate a gallery wall at OODE.

This month we asked Tessa de Rijk to show her work next to works of other artist and/or orphaned art. Visit the gallery to see the result of this curated selection.






















Now at OODE the photography of Maarten Copper, called Arctic Textures. About this series of photography:

The temperature in the Arctic region is rising at twice the speed as the global average. The decrease in snow and sea ice exposes a darker surface. Where the traditional white polar landscape reflects most of the solar energy, the exposed darker surface increases the amount of solar energy absorbed in these areas. This is called the albedo effect. The significant regional warming of the surface again leads to continued melting of glaciers and the ice cap and the loss of sea ice.

Climate effects are simultaneous with other influences such as pollution, fishing, changes in land use, population increases, and changes in culture and economy. All these influences combined can amplify the impact on the health and well-being of both humans and ecosystems. Frequently the overall effect is greater than the sum of the individual factors, as we see for example in the case of pollutants, increased ultraviolet radiation and warmer climate. Which effects are most important and how they interact will depend on local factors in each individual region of the Arctic.



Arno Hoogland is an Amsterdam based product and interior designer. He combines modern production techniques with traditional crafts. Through experimentation with movement, light, form and texture his work explores human behavior within spaces and towards objects. His work provokes sensory interaction to make people aware of their habits, while renewing their attention to their surroundings.
At OODE we have a selection of furniture and wooden wall elements that show these experiments in texture, graphic patterns and woodcraft with an modern production machine. Below an impression of the works at OODE.




We are proud to exhibit a selection of ‘ orphaned’ textile pieces by Ella Koopman at OODE. Ella Koopman (Dordrecht, 1947) studied painting and sculpture at the Art Academy of Rotterdam and at the Rijksacademie in Amsterdam. In the course of time her work grows from figurative-naturalistic to abstraction.

In the mid-1980s she started experimenting with non-stretched pieces of linen, which were embossed by folding, pleating and stitching. She had exhibitions at the West Fries Museum and Gemeentemuseum Den Haag.
Jean Claude de Catelbajac, Louis Feraud and the Dutch fashion designers Frank Govers, Frans Molenaar and Mart Visser and shoe designer Jan Jansen worked together with her.
Her work is rough, optical and very surprising in texture and colours.